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Appellate Advocacy


Appeal requires a different set of skills from trial, though no doubt many lawyers capably do both.  Marc Mayerson provides effective, persuasive advocacy before appeals courts, both state and federal.


Appellate judges prepare well for their cases, so that, when the day of oral argument comes, they will have read the briefs and appendices carefully and may have had law clerks prepare additional memos, just for the the judges, on the issues presented. 

The challenge of performing effectively and nimbly during appellate argument is one we relish.


We always try to give a fresh look and rethink a case once it is on appeal, even in cases we handle at the trial court. Appellate review is not a recapitulation of the trial below. The concerns of the appellate court are different from that of the trial court, and experienced appellate advocates understand the differences. This is why The Mayerson Firm can be brought in to assist in crafting the notice of appeal or petition for certiorari, prepare the appellate briefs with concision, and advocate steadfastly and effectively before an appellate panel of judges. We also have served as consulting counsel to assist in strategizing and written and oral advocacy for counsel of record. 


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