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Property and First-Party Coverages


Companies and organizations face the risk that property owned by them can be physically damaged from all manner of risks. The property may be an office building, its contents, or inventory, any of which can be damaged from natural disasters, fires, explosions, vandalism, third-party negligence, or other risks.  ​Marc Mayerson has served as lead policyholder lawyer in a wide variety of property losses, including properties and factories located overseas. He also has worked with a restaurant and beverage trade group on Covid19 claims.


The Mayerson Firm PLLC works with the policyholder to ensure that losses are properly presented to insurance companies to obtain the fullest measure of recovery. In this regard, we can work with forensic accounts and public adjusters to assist in promptly obtaining funds from the insurance companies to repair, rebuild or compensate for loss.


The highest value contribution of the firm in this type of insurance-coverage representation probably concerns the proper and precise characterize of losses to dovetail with the insurance in effect. In this manner, the additional cost of doubling back and the friction with insurers from apparently "re"characterization can be mitigated to the maximal extent, thus smoothing the way to maximal recovery.


Marc has provided certified professional education to public insurance adjusters.



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