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The Mayerson Firm PLLC represents sophisticated  clients on insurance matters and complex civil litigation. The firm represents clients in negotiation of disputes, mediation of disputes, and arbitration.  Marc Mayerson also is a skilled mediator and appointed arbitrator in civil disputes and insurance matters. We also can provide expert-witness testimony. The firm also turns our more than three-decades' worth of hard-won experience to our clients' advantage in advising them on the wordings of currently purchased policies. Our effectiveness in enhanced by the unique combination of the clients we typically serve:  individuals wronged by insurance companies (including corporate directors or plan fiduciaries) and large businesses, some international in scope, that believe their insurers have not acted as risk-partners and denied or short-changed them on a major claim. Our thirty-plus years' experience litigating such cases gives us insight into effective advocacy and communication strategies, whether presented to busy trial judges, appellate panels, arbitrators, or six- or twelve-member juries drawn from the community.

Insurance Law and Coverage


With more than thirty years' experience in private practice as a policyholder lawyer and advocate, Marc Mayerson and The Mayerson Firm PLLC can facilitate obtaining recovery from insurance companies under policies already purchased.  We also can help ensure that policy wording matches policy intent and that policyholders understand - and can plan for - uninsured gaps and exposures. 


Law Department Counseling


General counsel and the in-house legal team face increasing demands for cost effective, sophisticated solutions to disputes and business problems with legal dimensions. With more than thirty years' experience working with the most sophisticated companies in the world, Marc Mayerson brings fresh perspective to assisting in-house counsel on matters from supervision of mass-tort or mass product liability litigation to "e discovery" and records management. Moreover, with increasing frequency, in-house lawyers themselves are being caught in the cross-hairs, which makes "employed lawyers" professional-liability insurance recovery all the more important. Marc also counsels on improving inclusivity cultures and diverse recruiting and enhancing the role of the law department as a center of excellence.



Complex Civil Litigation


We cut through the morass of complex civil matters, involving multiple parties, co-defendants, cross-claims, and  simultaneous litigation in multiple forums or with regulatory implicaitons.  The key to success is formulating a coherent creative strategy, with the ability flexibly to respond as factual, legal or legislative developments change the landscape.



Attorneys' Fees Disputes


The cost of legal services sometimes can challenge the expectation of clients or might be disputed by insurance companies that are required to pay under the duty to defend or duty to advance costs.  Marc Mayerson has spearheaded efforts to recover defense costs from insurance companies questioning their obligations, and he has extensive experience working with accountants and economic consultants to obtain reimbursement. Clients or courts may challenge legal bills, such as in the context of fee applications in bankruptcy, which may be in their nature professional liability (i.e., malpractice) claims disguised as fee disputes, such that a law firm's professional-liability insurance may apply.  Not only as as advocate has Marc Mayerson been called upon to address other firm's legal bills; he serves as an arbitrator regarding such disputes with clients, including being a decision-maker in the largest attorneys' fee dispute presented to the DC Bar, which produced the longest trial proceeding of its kind.


Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) may involve formal arbitration, essentially a private litigation forum with hoped-for transaction-cost savings, or might call for the involvement of a neutral mediator to help parties to a dispute reach an agreement regarding their differences. Though there are sponsoring organizations with ready-made rules to govern the processing of a dispute, it is also possible to formulate innovative approaches focused on particular issues that have generated a dispute. The Mayerson Firm has extensive experience in serving as advocates, and Marc Mayerson also has served as arbitrator and mediator. 


Expert Witness

Marc Mayerson teaches insurance law at both Georgetown University Law Center and the George Washington University School of Law.  He co-edits the leading practice guide on insurance in the US.  With more than three decades' experience in both routine and exotic insurance claims, Marc Mayerson is well suited to provide disinterested expert opinion on the standards for evaluating coverage and the propriety of the conduct of parties to an insurance contract. Whether as a testifying expert or neutral evaluator, his depth of knowledge and experience allows Marc Mayerson to provide sound, considered, reasoned opinion for consideration by the trier of fact.



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