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Media Liability, Defamation, Trade Libel, and Advertising Injury Insurance


The Mayerson Firm PLLC has extensive experience working with policyholders with respect to claims of liabilty based on communications, advertising, marketing, and publishing.  There are a wide variety of insurance policies that may be implicated in such matters, such as endorsements to standard general liability policies providing "advertising & personal injury liability insurance," internet and web communications liability insurance, and policies specially designed for media companies and publishers.


These policies may cover claims for defamation, trademark misuse, trade libel, misleading advertising, unauthorized use of likenesses, and invasion of privacy claims.  Close parsing of the factual allegations against the policyholder and the language of such policies may reveal coverage for a number of different intellectual-property claims and antitrust and business-competition claims.  


We work with policyholders at the point of underwriting to ensure that their realistic exposures are brought within the coverage being purchased.  And we present claims on behalf of clients for defense cost recovery and indemnification of settlements or judgments.  


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