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Neutral Evaluation and Administration


The Mayerson Firm PLLC can provide straightforward, neutral evaluations of legal matters as part of a dispute-resolution process or to provide a second look at a matter.​

Marc Mayerson was a founding member of the Insurance Coverage Neutrals Panel of the American Arbitration Association (AAA).  The role of a neutral is to be presented materials for an assessment that is shared with both parties; it is not an arbitration decision, but rather a evaluation by a skilled, experienced lawyer seeking to give both parties a realistic assessment of their dispute.  


There are other roles for experienced neutrals, such as one matter where Marc Mayerson is the administrator for an agreement that is meant to provide an additional source of financial protection for the directors and officers of a company, who already are protected by the corporate indemnity and by D&O insurance, in the event of insolvency or other limitation on performance by either indemnitor.  The administration agreement, entered into jointly by the company and a major international insurance company, counts on neutral evaluations and authorization by Marc Mayerson for potentially multi-million dollar payouts from the Trust, which had been funded by the insurance company.

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