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Complex Civil Litigation


For more than thirty  years, Marc Mayerson has handled complex civil cases involving novel legal theories, complex fact patterns, and multiple parties. Such cases require steady leadership and strategy focused on the endgame. Too often lawyers and parties become mired in discovery disputes, ancillary issues, and lengthy delay. Marc Mayerson is known for his effective and fresh legal advocacy in court and in briefs.


The Mayerson Firm PLLC can be engaged as lead counsel, co-counsel, or local counsel


Trial Counsel:  We serve a lead trial counsel in complex civil engagements, and we serve as co-counsel with the client's regular outside counsel on matters on which we have particular expertise. When we are engaged as "local counsel." we seek to add real value (and not be a mere maildrop), in part because we owe independent professional obligations to the court to assure not just technical compliance with local practice and local norms, but also because we put our own professional reputation on the line when we advocate for clients. In all our engagements, we seek to add the highest value to the effective representation of our client.



Appellate Proceedings:   The Mayerson Firm PLLC can be usefully retained to take over from or supplement the existing team on whose watch a unsatisfactory result occurred at trial; we also can defend favorable results on appeal when challenged by the other side. Culling down the issues to the truly reversible points or explaining how or why the court below did not err or its error was harmless in the circumstances is the key to successful appellate advocacy.  We have handled appeals in numerous state and federal appellate courts. Marc Mayerson was trained by one of the most intellectually rigorous federal appeals judges, providing him the insight and experience, honed by  three-plus decades in private practice, that makes Marc and The Mayerson Firm PLLC such persuasive advocates.





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