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Expert Witness


Marc Mayerson may be retained to provide expert witness services, including serving as a testifying expert at trial or at an arbitration or as a consulting expert.


With more than thirty years' experience in complex insurance matters, particularly as to property-casualty matters, Marc is well situated to provide opinion as to the principles at stake and industry practices.  His experience as an advocate and as a law professor makes him a particularly effective explainer of the nuances and key points. Put simply, Marc is a communicator.


Because of his litigation experience, Marc Mayerson understands the proper role of an expert witness, and his reasoned analysis and elaboration allows him to provide forthright explanations to judges, juries, and arbitrators.  


With a national perspective on insurance developments over the past three-plus decades, Marc can assist by providing effective opinion testimony in the context of business practices and legal developments. Marc Mayerson has experience also working with Queen's Counsel and lawyers and practitioners in the London insurance market, making him a strong witness in insurance and reinsurance arbitration.


Marc Mayerson also can provide advice and testimony about legal fees and billing practices. His experience in this regard includes serving as a legal-fee arbitrator, serving as an advocate seeking recovery of millions of dollars of defense costs from insurance companies, and managing his own cases at two large international law firms and at a high-end litigation boutique.


Marc has testified to a Senate Subcommittee about liability and insurance issues affecting non-profits and charities and provided expert testimony to the Department of Labor's ERISA Advisory Council on ERISA fidelity bonds.  Marc furthermore routine provides perspective to the investment community on breaking legal developments, litigation trends in the US, and insurance. 

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